Instagram Marketing tips

Tips to quickly double your Instagram's marketing success

Instagram Marketing tips

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or so they say ... If this is true, why do so many professionals struggle to grow their brand on Instagram while their Twitter and Facebook accounts take off? After all, a photo has to at least be worth more to your audience than 140 characters, right?

It is true that visual marketing and Instagram, in particular, seems to be the future of social media. However, many entrepreneurs are not aware of how and where to start their path in the domination of Instagram. Fortunately, with the tips and tricks I'll outline in this article, you can easily double the success of your Instagram in a very short time.

Search for your market

It may seem blatantly obvious. Like getting slapped with a frozen fish, but before anyone complains, let me ask you a question. Have you done that? You know, many people think they know their audience. Many of them are wrong. Even if you have done extensive market research on other social media platforms, it does not mean that you know what your Instagram audience is looking for.

Take the time to do a serious market research. Find out what accounts your audience is following. Look for which hashtags she is using. Examine the competition associated with popular hashtags in your niche. Dive deep into your market until you understand their habits better than you understand yours.

Create consistent content

The next step to improving the marketing success of your Instagram is to select a central theme for your posts and stick to it. This point is predominantly for companies that use Instagram, not personal accounts to boost their brand.

Post photos that are congruent with your main theme. Avoid posts that are not 100% in line with your company and values. Select a color palette that is similar to your company website and use for all your photos. Also, make sure you're using the same filter with all your photos. This will help your posts become instantly recognized by your audience.

Ask your audience to call the post notification

Never hurts to ask. Even more, you would find the most painful thing in the world. When I tell brands to ask their customers for anything, they tend to go crazy and think that this will drive consumers away. In fact, the opposite is true. Asking users to retweet their Twitter post resulted in a retweet rate 4 times higher (compared to just "expecting" they would do something on their own).

Now, I know that Instagram and Twitter are completely different platforms. However, the same psychological principles apply to both. Occasionally post pictures that instruct your users to link to post notifications to your account. Use bold, colorful and eye-catching text with a giant arrow pointing to the setup button. This will result in an increase in post engaging and will indirectly result in more followers. But do not overdo it. I included one of these posts once a week.

With this timeline, your audience will still have a fond memory of turning on post notification without feeling like you're being nosy.

Test your hashtags

Hashtag has been the topic of many debates since Instagram became popular. Everyone has an opinion on this topic. Some people suggest that you focus on the smaller, sharing hashtags. Other people tell you to just select large hashtags. Experts suggest that you only use 5-7 hashtags per post. Other experts say you can use as many as you want.

The truth? It depends. While there are certain marketing doctrines related to human psychology and platform algorithms, hashtag is not an exact science. Our brain has not developed to like or not figures based on the number of hashtags the post has. And Instagram does not have an advanced algorithm specifically for hashtags as well.

So what is the solution? Try it. I recommend you start by using 5 to 7 hashtags, select 1 to 3 large hashtags and 2 to 4 hashtags for sharing, but like everything else in marketing, the key is to test.

Spend a month or two using 15 hashtags per post. So spend a month using only 2 to 5 per post. Spend a month focusing purely on sharing hashtags. A month focusing on big hashtags. And then spend a month using a little bit of each. In the end the data will not lie.

Join a community group on Instagram

Instagram is competitive. Yes. But there are still entrepreneurs out there who prefer to work together than try to compete with every user. By participating in an Instagram community group you will have access to hundreds and perhaps thousands of other professionals in your niche who want to collaborate, not compete. 

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