How to improve your engagement on Instagram 


We have already written about the utility of an Instagram account for your company, although Facebook is the preferred social network of brands in Portugal, at least for now, the truth is that there are more and more users on Instagram, platform that allows much more engagement and local excellence to communicate mainly with Generation Z, but also increasingly with Millennials.


But how can you apply your marketing strategy to Instagram?

  • Use original photos to promote your products and services
  • Forget about generic photographs, infographics or images loaded with text. Bet more on creative, provocative and / or funny images that are always inspirational and lifestyle-oriented.
  • In order not to tire the user avoid showing product photographs more than twice a day and never repeat the same image.

Promote hobbies

A fun and inexpensive way to interact with potential customers. Ask your followers to post personal photos to try out your leads or services and then select the best ones to award the prizes.

Publish backstage images

Stimulate the curiosity of your followers about what happens inside your company. Whether it's photographs of employees at times of fun, the backstage of a catalog, company events or anything else most people would not otherwise have access to

Turn your followers into stars

Better than producing your own content is when your customers start producing quality content about your brand. Enjoy this content and share the best photos with some regularity, mentioning the user. Also do not forget to make "Like" and if possible comment on all photos of customers to use your products or services, whenever they identify your brand.

Bet on Digital Influencers

With the ease of identifying brands, digital influencers have a dual function in this network: on the one hand, they share personal photographs to use their brand thus increasing their reputation, and on the other they create high quality content that can help feed to your page without having to constantly be producing original content.

This is an increasingly used marketing tool and it will be easy for a brand to lose relevance if it does not adhere quickly to new digital trends. Need help? At Madde we create your company account, create the regular content and manage the community, making the most of the social network of the moment. Contact us and ask for your budget!

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